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Arthurian legend based on Bernard Cornwell’s Trilogy. Whilst being universal, these stories have specific relevance to our 21st century lives. As Arthur grapples with the challenges of uniting a country divided by religious, political and familial tensions, the drama asks what does it take to be a true leader… or, to put it another way, a leader of truth?

It is a returning 10 x 1 hour episode TV series for Epix which One Big Picture are co-producing with Bad Wolf.


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Have you ever looked at the way we live, the world that we have created; the injustice and greed; the state of our mental and physical health, of our environment, the eternal conflicts and separation; the rampant corruption that courses through the veins of our governments, legal systems, religions, banking, education and law enforcement….we could go on and on…and asked;


“What would an alien make of all of this?”


This movie is the extrapolation of that question. An Alien visits our planet and holds a bright mirror up to reflect to us how we are living…how humanity responds will determine the outcome.

It is an English language remake of the Italian Sci-Fi B-Movie and shooting in 2021


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A long running TV series based on the Icelandic novel by Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir. What would happen to a country if all communication with the rest of the world disappeared? With a lack of the most basic needs, what is it going to take for humanity to survive and at what cost? A thrilling expose of the systems of humanity, as we watch the various factions fight for a return to ‘normal'. The ultimate realisation becoming, even if it is possible, is ’normal' what we should actually be striving for? 


A more prescient story is hard to imagine. 


The show will be shot in Iceland. OBP are co-producing with Anton Corp, Mystery Productions and True North. Otto will be directing the first two episodes.



Amphibian Pirates from Outer Space is an animated feature film.


Rarely, if ever has a more dysfunctional group of thieving kids, paranoid chemists, alcoholic warriors and explosive obsessed amphibians had the chance to impact the history of the universe.


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Feature film staring Lily James, based on adaptation of novel by Alessandro Baricco. A divinely pure twelve-year old kid with a giant and a mute as best friends, a beautiful young woman, cowboys, whores, bullies, boxers, Japanese shop-keepers, McDonalds meal-deals and a quantum physics professor. A joyous, magical and entrancing celebration of the pure magic that each of us are.



A Little Music is a feature film for Film 4. It is a period horror based in the aftermath of the 2nd World War that exposes the terrifying forces that can come through music.


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Code of Corruption is a mini-series for TV and based on book owned by One Big Picture.

Two decorated NYPD detectives sold their badges to the Mafia and became murderers for the mob. The most dangerous corrupt cops in American history, they left behind a pile of bodies when they retired in the early 1990s. For more than a decade it looked as if they were going to get away with it.. until Detectives William Oldham and Tommy Dades and Brooklyn DA’s Mike Vecchione and Joe Ponzi turned a seemingly dead-end investigation into one of New York City's greatest law-and-order stories.


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Precipice is a TV Mini-series set 15 years in the future that exposes the state of humanity’s ever-deepening health crisis and reveals the true causes and enablers of the corruption and lies which maintain and fortify the false edifice.  


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Pattern Recognition is a 10 x 1 hour episode TV series adaptation of William Gibson’s best-selling novel. One Big Picture are co-producing with Bristol Automotive and Freemantle.